Mr. Travis Rodgers

Travis Rodgers is the CEO of DrDDS Innovations.

He has invented 18 software programs and launched over 150 products for many of the top brands in the dental industry.

He had designed a solution to the referral challenge that helps clinicians save time and grow their practices called OneClick.

He is the first to integrate dental practice management software into lab management systems.

As a result of using his systems, clinicians and labs save time, have real-time accurate patient information, and improve communication between patients, doctors and labs, all of which leads to greater revenue! On a personal note, Travis is one of the few software geeks who can claim they played college football and excels in ballroom dancing.

He is available for interviews, presentations, and article writing on technology and marketing in the dental industry and you can schedule a call with him at

Brands Founded by Travis Rodgers:

  • Custom Dental Software
  • Integrate Dental
  • Dental Innovation
  • Dental Marketplace
  • Dentrix
  • Dentist Finder
  • Donate Dentist
  • DrDDS
  • Dental Files
  • TR

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Customized Dental Software Solutions

  • Patient Rewards Platform
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Data Cleaner
  • Electronic Health History Forms
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Feedback & Reviews
  • Patient Cost Estimator
  • Doctor to Doctor Referrals
  • Dentrix Referral Button
  • Online Word-of-Mouth Referrals
  • Secure Messaging with Other Doctors and Patients
  • Online Treatment Planning
  • Insurance Verification
  • Practice Analytics
  • Patient Recall

“Travis Rodgers is the #1 entrepreneur
in the dental industry”, Dr. Howard Farran.

Travis Rodgers

Travis Rodgers - CEO of RecordLinc


Dental Marketing Expert

Travis has done marketing for some of the leading dental companies across the country, including Kavo Kerr, Smart Practice, Officite, and My Social Practice. His specialties include e-mail marketing, social media campaigns, geo-fencing, trade shows and more. Travis has been referred to as the “Godfather” of e-mail marketing in the dental industry.

Full Service Marketing

Full Service Marketing

Full Service Marketing

Mastermind Group

Full Service Marketing

I LUV My Dentist

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Dental Technology Experts

Travis developed RecordLinc, a software service to help dental specialists grow their referrals from general dentists. Recognizing that many offices gain referrals from patients, Travis developed I LUV My Dentist, a patient word-of-mouth referral tool. Travis has developed 16 different software modules inculding for electronic health forms, patient portals, appointment scheduling, patient cost-estimator and is nearing completion on a patient rewards platform and a case management module.

  • One Click Referral
  • DrDDS Innovations
  • RL New
  • TR
  • luv
  • Dentrix
  • DrDDS
  • Patient Pay Hub
  • Dental Files
  • Super Bucks
  • Patient Reward
  • Donate Dentist
  • Hipaa Now
  • Dentist Grader
  • Treatment
  • Dental Innovation
  • Estimate Dental Cost
  • Custom Dental Software
  • Dentist Scheduling
  • Integrate Dental
  • Verident
  • Victorious Dental


Travis has written many white papers for the dental industry on growing referrals.


Referral Autopilot for Dentist

Referral Autopilot
for Dentist

The Dental Referral Machine

The Dental
Referral Machine

11 Tips for Increasing Referrals

11 Tips for
Increasing Referrals

How Dentists Get More Reviews Online

How Dentists Get
More Reviews Online


Travis is a member of the Speaking Consulting Network and has attended many of their events. Travis’ speaking engagements focus on helping dentists grow their practice through referrals and the philosophy, “It's not just about being a great dentist, it's about being a great dentist that patients trust to refer the friends and family too”. Travis has attended many speaking workshops, including LionSpeak with Katherine Eitel.



Dr. Mitchell Ellingson

"We do things very differently so the last year or two we've been thinking about doing some custom dental software and we have been looking all over the United States to find the right solution, people who can not only write good software but someone who can integrate with our dental management systems. We look everywhere and we finally met Travis and his team at RecordLinc, and I've been incredibly impressed with not only their depth of knowledge but the fact that they can talk with me at my level of knowledge of computers and they can talk internally at much much deeper level. They understand how important these custom requests are and they understand timing. They are very fair when it comes to pricing, so I couldn't be happier with working with them."

Dr. Kami Hoss (The Super Dentists - 5 Offices - 100k patients)

Dr. Kami Hoss

"We have been working with Travis and the RecordLinc team since 2016. They are a true partner. They built our integrations to OpenDental and Eaglesoft and consulted with us on our practice growth product. They are experts and taking requirements and quickly and effectively implementing solutions to make dental practices more efficient and effective. We utilized their DrDDS marketing to grow our study clubs as well. We highly suggest Travis Rodgers and the RecordLinc and DrDDS teams he runs."

Dr. Mitchell Ellingson - VP of Practice Growth (Spear Education)

Dental Mastermind

Dental Mastermind

Travis facilitates mastermind groups for dental consultants and vendors. He is passionate about connecting people and knows that collaboration leads to success for all involved. The mastermind events provide an open forum to discuss best practices and learn from some of the top names in the industry.

Carnegie Hero Award

Travis Rodgers of Chandler AZ Saves Man From Drowning

Hero saves Driver after plunging into water

Travis Rodgers save man who drove into Chandler lake after heart attack: CHANDLER, Ariz. - "It's something I'll remember forever and will forever think about every time I drive by this spot,"

Travis Rodgers said, standing next to a small lake in Chandler. "I was coming out of the gym at Ocotillo Health Club across the street and I hear the thud of a car going over a curb and there was a white SUV that proceeded into the lake." Without thinking,

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