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Travis Rodgers

Case Acceptance

Create a Treatment Plan

Treatment Sequencer can give you clear insight into your case acceptance rate and success metrics via the Daily Trend Report, so you can hone in on what works best to increase production.

Specific benefits:

  • View and improve your case acceptance rate
  • Keep patients on track with their treatment
  • Save admin time by streamlining operations

"I noticed an increase in production on my schedule after having Treatment Sequencer in the office. It pays for itself and beyond every month!"

Dr. Rebecca Jordan, DDS MS

Delaware Ohio Smiles


Create a Treatment Plan

Treatment Sequencer imports your treatment plans from your dental practice management system to allow you to communicate more effectively with all treating doctors and keep your patients on track with scheduling their next appointment.

Create a Treatment Plan
Add, Edit or Delete Steps

Add, Edit or Delete Steps

Treatment Sequencer you and your team to easily add, edit, and delete steps in the patients treatment plans.


Share Treatment Plan
With Your Referrals

Treatment Sequencer allows the General Dentist and Dental Specialist to easily and automatically send referrals between providers to keep the treatment plan moving forward.

Share Treatment Plan With Your Referrals
Automatic Follow Up

Automatic Follow Up

With Treatment Sequencer's automatic follow-up via email, text and voice IVR, we automatically keep the patient and treating doctors on track with their next steps in their treatment plans.

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Travis Rodgers

Travis Rodgers is the CEO of DrDDS Innovations. He has invented 18 software programs and launched over 150 products for many of the top brands in the dental industry. He had designed a solution to the referral challenge that helps clinicians save time and grow their practices called OneClick. He is the first to integrate dental practice management software into lab management systems. As a result of using his systems, clinicians and labs save time, have real-time accurate patient information, and improve communication between patients, doctors and labs, all of which leads to greater revenue! On a personal note, Travis is one of the few software geeks who can claim they played college football and excels in ballroom dancing.

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